Living Technology

Arka Organics is a global supplier of ArkaTM probiotics products, which is manufactured with a blend of live multi-strain beneficial bacteria, used to naturally unlock the nutritional content within our products.



Company has conducted intensive R&D and has now opened its market globally. The company's product lines are extensive from water treatment, performance feed enhancer for animal husbandry, digestive aid, plants and crop production, and odor eradication. This was generated from over thirty-years of research.

ArkaTM custom fits our unique systems to each industry through assessment and application. The latest equipment and technologies are seamlessly combined with Arka's advanced fermentation technology methods to ensure consistently premium products delivered every time to our customers.


ArkaTM products are organically produced, natural and highly nutritious feed, through a natural fermentation process.

Fermentation improves digestibility, deactivates anti-nutrient compounds (compounds found in feed that interfere with the absorption of nutrients during digestion) in some feed (particularly hard feed and grains), and stimulates probiotic functions, which benefit gut flora development. Predigested feed taste better and are better for animals than processed or even pasteurized feed because fermentation promotes the growth of desirable, beneficial bacteria in feed.

The end result of our products are that fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids are freely available to the end user for it’s life requirements, with little waste passed through to the colon. Living things can absorb much of the nutrients from our products over other products because of the fermentation.

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