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Soils vary in physical and chemical composition. The average handful of soil contains billions of different living organisms that carry out various functions to help facilitate plant health, regardless of the soils property. Organisms include larger creatures like earthworms and nematodes, to microscopic organisms including, bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoa. These organisms play a critical role in maintaining soil health and fertility.

Plants have thrived without human intervention for millions of years. However, to maximize growth and crop yields plants typically need a combination of three basic macro-nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.  In addition, plants require a slew of other nutrients throughout their growth cycle.

The majority of a plant’s nutrients are derived from beneficial organisms working in the soil surrounding the plant’s roots; this process is known as the soil foodweb (a term made popular by Dr. Elaine Ingham, a leading microbiologist).  In addition to supplying nutrients to plants, organisms benefit plants in a variety of other ways, including:

  • Retain nutrients in the soil, preventing them from leaching
  • Compete with, inhibit and consume diseases
  • Decompose plant residue, toxic materials and pollutants that kill plant roots
  • Form soil aggregates that improve water infiltration, root penetration and water-holding capacity of the soil

Once the nutrients are available, soil organism’s aid in a process known as mineralization, which is where nutrients are broken down and returned to their mineral forms. This allows the plant to take in the nutrients as needed.

Plants and Soil System

How to increase your yield of 25% or more and enhance nutritional intake with PLANTAMIN®

PLANTAMIN® microbial nutrients is a great addition to any agricultural farming as it:
  • Value adds your fertilizer program
  • Delivers enhanced plant, vitality, and growth
  • Enhance tissue density and diversified roots structure
  • Rain-resistant
  • Works on all food-plot varieties
Suitable in any hydroponic liquid system, vineyards, gardens, irrigation, golf course, food-plots or broad acre farming.  Many have seen benefits through the hydroponic systems, such as tomatoes, medical marijuana, herbs, cucumbers, lettuce and more. 

Application (mix with water):

Soil preparation:

64 oz per acre/ once per year (wait 3 weeks prior to planting)


32 oz per acre/12 times per year


1 tsp per gallon of water/ once per week


1 tsp per gallon of water/ 3 times per week or can be used in water lines in replacement of water with same dilution

*Plantamin does not replace fertilizers or nutrients


  • Suppresses or eliminates fungi
  • Stronger root plant
  • Earlier germination
  • Less water & fertilizer needed
  • Increased, heavier yield
  • Higher nutrition to end product
  • Increased water retention
  • Increased earthworms
  • Conditions soil
  • Tastier fruits and vegetables
  • Better roots division
  • Efficient utilization of fertilizer
  • Unlocks the minerals in the soil

Soil and Plants

Arka's agricultural spray produces high levels of polysaccharides, micronutrients, enzymes and organic acids that help build stable aggregate and used as a soil conditioner. Arka's bio-available nutrients increase stability and prevent the pore spaces from collapsing during heavy rainfalls, thus reducing compaction caused by machinery and animals.  Furthermore, improved soil stability reduces soil erosion and run-off. Soils are better able to absorb and retain water.

Why spray as a foliar spray?

There are many microorganisms that exist on the surface of leaves.  Some produce hormones that activate the plants, creating nitrogen and a natural antibiotic.  When taken in by plants from the surface of leaves, these will promote enzyme activity and plant growth.

The purpose for using:

  1. Allows plants absorb beneficial materials directly from the leaves.
  2. Maintains a healthy condition for the small system of microorganisms on the surface of the leaves by introducing various microbes.
  3. Prevents plants from getting disease by the increase of natural antibiotics produced by 

Why use PLANTAMIN in the root area?

There are many microorganisms in the soil, especially within 5mm of the roots because they eat carbohydrates, amino acids, and organic acids produced by the roots.

Among the substances produced by the roots, there are beneficial materials that promote growth and others that constrain growth (pathogenic bacteria). This is basic microbiology.  When materials that constrain growth accumulate in the soil, growing some vegetables without crop rotation becomes impossible.  Each plant secretes particular substances.  Then certain microorganisms gather to feed and breed around the root of the plants according to what is secreted.  It is the battle of the good against the bad and which gather around the root of the plant that will determine plant health.

When PLANTAMIN is given constantly to the plants, an environment of good microorganisms will create a perfect ecosystem of microorganisms.  This is why it is possible to grow the same plants or crops consecutively in the same place.  This is a result of natural antibiotics produced by actinomyces, and the decrease of harmful microorganisms.  The increases of microbial activity help plants grow.


PLANTAMIN® helps increase the nutritional uptake, while reducing plant stress that can be caused by high levels of available nutrients. As plants benefit from the numerous enzymes, organic acids, growth stimulants, bioflavinoids, and amino acids that are by-products (or metabolites) of the live, active microbes in PLANTAMIN®, making PLANTAMIN® the perfect complement to your fertilizer regimen.

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