Water Enhancer

ARKA® WATER ENHANCER - apply directly in water for odor, contamination, green algae and pathogen control.  

Arka Water – Organic water cleaning to ensure safety and palatability, utilizing a process called Probiotic Fermentation Technology® (PFT). It promotes healthy, clean water. It is the result of over 10 years of research and application. It contains antioxidants, deodorizing agents, and is certified organic.

Water Management - Sustainable way to manage your water

This is a liquid mixed into your water at a small rate, which promotes healthy and clean water.


ARKA® WATER ENHANCER has over 30 years of research, application and formulation of natural deodorizer through a unique manufacturing process.  Contains antioxidants, deodorizing agents and with other organic ingredients.  

Our products are completely natural; there are NO synthetic chemicals and NO genetic engineering used in the process. Guaranteed! 

When people think of microorganisms, they think of 'BAD', but that is not necessarily true.  

Although microbes have been used in the food industry in fermentation technology, Arka Organics have expanded this technology for environmental use. Multiple microbial groups have been reapplied to provide the basic elements necessary for water, wastewater and industrial sludge. We at Arka Organics manufacture necessary products and service this revolutionary technology.

Our technology can assist in decomposing putrefying, decaying and oxidize matter that produces ammonia and hydrogen sulfate.  Our various biological management applications can assist in digesting N2, C2, S2 and NH3, H2S CH4 gasses, simply and effectively.  It has shown to reduce odour from wastewater and effluent plant by natural biological action as much as 96%.  This, of course has a positive environmental impact.

Water Enhancer

Suggested use of ARKA® WATER ENHANCER

  • Water trough
  • Supply tank
  • Rain water tank
  • Dam
  • Exercise pool
  • Septic Tank

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