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BARIKI ORGANICSTM is the hottest new horse management solution.  Top trainers and horse enthusiasts alike are touting our line of products.  We've been creating winners and rejuvenating old friends, naturally, with no prohibited substances, using our proprietary formulas.   We Guarantee Results! 

Our focus on the digestive system along with decades of research has helped us to create our cutting edge solutions.  The hind gut requires a balance of good bacteria for healthy function. That balance can easily be disrupted by stress, competition, transport, high grain diet, surgery, hospitalization, disease, training, and numerous other factors.  Our solutions, taken in part or as a whole, assist in the maintenance of a positive balance of gut flora and a maximization of nutrient absorption.  By doing this our products not only revitalize the hind gut but also increase its efficiency. 

BARIKI ORGANICSTM  products are extremely powerful. Using the best all-in-one ingredients, that are full of antioxidants. We combine them with an Probiotic Fermentation Technology making a powerful digestive supplement and feeds  with nutrient absorption rates close to 100%. The resulting products are highly palatable, all natural, and nutrient rich.  With our products your horse can quickly peak condition, there are no worries about banned substances, and their effects can be seen within days.  Bring your horse to its optimal condition, save money with less waste, and your horse will love the taste! 

Bariki products are recommended daily to assist in the maintenance of a normal gut flora.

BARIKI ORGANICSTM is the key to your success!

Several Equine Industry News Organizations have Featured discussions on this "must have" new Horse Feed Enhancement.  


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*BARIKI® DIGEST benefits

  • Enhances appetite naturally and asists digestion of feed while calming nervous or excitable horses
  • Promotes a healthy microbial activity in the gut and provides a healthy colony of bacteria for enhancing the microbial enzymes that digest food and suppress the pathogens that line the gut wall.
  • Breaks down feed, roughage, and hard feed efficiently, leading to horses less likely to tie-up and helps to perform without upsetting the digestion.
  • Helps to break down protein, fiber, calcium, vitamins and essential mineral efficiently for optimal usage
  • Benefits horses on certain antibiotics and wormers

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BARIKI HORSEPOWER® is a unique pre-digested product for quick absorption of ‘free’ amino acids, high digestible energy, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, so your horse will quickly build condition, perform and recover quickly through a balanced diet, complementing your current feed method.



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