The product line from Arka Organics is a range of specially developed management systems suitable for poultry birds of all types, ages and growing conditions.  We offer predigested performance feed, digesTive liquid feed enhancer, organic water purification and odour management.  We cater programs to work synergisticly with any size operation and feed program.

Our services have over 10 years of research, application and formulation of natural feed for poultry through a unique applications. 

The purpose of our technology is to assist poultry birds, who are are highly susceptible to pathogenic infections, to enhance performance and immune function.  


ARKA DIGEST POULTRY Feed Enhancer is fermented with specific strains of probiotics and prebiotics, which helps to promote avian gut health.  With carefully selected species of organisms suitable for poultry of all ages, helping them to become more resistant to pathogenic bacteria, thus enhancing your current feed and absorption.   Gut health and integrity are essential for animal performance and ARKA DIGEST POULTRY aid in the stomach and thus plays a critical role in animal nutrition and production.

For use in: All Poultry of every stage of life

Available In: All regions throughout USA and Australia

Application: Through medicine tank, spray directly on feed or dosmatic system



Reduction of mortaility

Nervous disorders or stressful birds

Feed absorption in growing birds for improved rate of gain

Aid in digestion for growing birds

Reduction of odour causing bacteria

Reduce pest infestations

Aid in immune function, which result in happy and healthy birds

Improvement of shell quality in laying hens

Optimize hen days/ laying days

Zero withdrawl period

Highly palatable


ARKA PERFORMANCE is a blend of predigested ingredients with 'free' Amino acids, chelated organic trace minerals, antioxidnats, Omega 3 & 6, vitamins and more, providing nutrition through our unique fermentation technology.  Supported by more than 30 years of research, ARKA PERFORMANCE are better able to meet the higher nutrient needs of modern breed of birds for growth, optimum reproductive performance and animal wellbeing. 


For use in:  All Poultry of every stage of life

Available In: All regions throughout USA and Australia

Application: Consult your Arka Organics representative 

Sizes: 3Kg, 12Kg or 1,000Kg


Rate of gain

HU (Haugh Unit) improvement in older hens 50 or more weeks

Enhance egg yolk colour

Help to achieve peak performance

Shiny and healthy birds

Highly palatable